Hello, friend!

I'm Andrea Rudy. My husband Andy, our two little boys and I are from Fort Collins, Colorado.

In 2021 I had my first baby boy, Peter. I gave birth to him in a hospital setting and had a beautiful, physiological experience. In 2023 I gave birth to my second son, Azi, at an independent birth center. The environment was completely different, but again I left feeling that my birth was everything I had hoped for!

So much of my positive birth experiences can be attributed to the childbirth class I took through Birth Boot Camp®. The comprehensive course equipped my husband and I to make informed decisions, manage unmedicated labors, advocate for our goals and desires, and have a solid start to my breastfeeding journey. Now, I am proud to be a Birth Boot Camp® certified Childbirth Instructor.

Birth is beautiful, and my heart is for mothers to experience that beauty no matter what circumstance she may find herself in. A positive birth experience isn't luck - I believe with the right tools and information you can walk with total confidence into your own birth journey!

I am passionate about sharing truth, and I believe every mother deserves the opportunity to experience a beautiful, physiological birth - in any environment. Through balanced, high quality education and Biblically-based values, I’m thrilled to walk alongside you and your family during this transformational season of life.

Pro-woman, pro-baby, pro-family, pro-life.

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