Dr. Deanna & Dr. Shpendi are highly skilled in pediatric and prenatal specialties. As members of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) they have received specific prenatal and pediatric training making them the perfect fit for the whole family. This training allows them to help expectant mothers and new parents ensure the health of themselves and their children throughout pregnancy and parenthood.

Our bodies are built to tackle whatever obstacle is thrown out way. We know our bodies have this amazing intelligence that helps us adapt to everything we encounter on a regular basis. But, what happens when we can’t adapt? What happens when physical, mental, or chemical stressors add up to the point where they begin to interfere with our everyday life? Now, that’s the real question and whatever the condition, we are here to help.

Simply put, when the body can’t adapt, it puts off warning signs like a fire alarm, letting you know there is an interference with that innate ability to heal. For example, a baby has colic or reflux, a mom can’t breastfeed or has sciatic pain while pregnant, dad can’t get rid of that cold, or grandma and grandpa have back pain. Reconnect Chiropractic targets that true underlying cause of interference to your nervous system, and removes it, so you can unleash your innate intelligence to thrive again! That is a concept that we live by here at Reconnect Chiropractic.

I’m so pleased to partner with Reconnect Chiropractic in offering this in-person Comprehensive Childbirth Class. Dr. Deanna and Dr. Shpendi are Webster-certified chiropractors in Loveland, Colorado. I highly recommend their prenatal and pediatric services and encourage you to consider their clinic in your birth preparations! Read more about them below.